Karate Classes from Thailand?

Karate Classes from Thailand you say?

To some, that’s what we teach here.

Woodbridge residents looking for Karate

Karate classes are sought out by many families in the Woodbridge, Virginia area.  We receive many people that come to our school just looking for a martial arts program for themselves or their children.  If you are one of those people, whether you call it “Karate” , “Tae Kwon Do” , “Martial Arts” or just a good self defense course, we’d like you to try out a striking art from Thailand called Muay Thai or Thai Boxing.  But first, it’s important to see the modern day martial arts from a modern perspective.

The martial arts community typically thinks of Karate as originating from Okinawa, or perhaps Japan.  While this is true, many may not know that it was influenced by Chinese Martial Arts.    So it goes, many of the arts and systems being taught nowadays have evolved into a hybrid form of two or more arts, each slightly modified according to the chief instructor.

Trident Philosophy

The important thing to remember is the philosophy we go by at Trident Academy of Martial Arts.

  • Do your own research and experience for yourself.  Regardless of the art that is being taught, there is something useful to learn from all of them.  However, it’s important to learn from an expert that can train you, and not just facilitate a class of instruction.
  • Choose an art that is going to give you a solid foundation in the striking arts first, not just fancy techniques that are claimed to be unstoppable.
  • Make sure the art is useful and practical enough to use in a real self-defense situation against someone that is bigger and stronger than you.

Muay Thai aka “Thai Boxing”

Thai Boxing is a proven system that incorporates all of the above.  The training method revolves around extremely effective offense and defensive measures. With such intensity, comes the need for safety.  The equipment first developed in Thailand has been adopted by many of the top martial artists for skill mastery.  Full contact with maximum power is able to be used against your training partner, and the training partner on the receiving end gets to experience the power without injury.

Learn to Use All Your Weapons

Lastly, Thai Boxing uses not only the hands and feet, but all of the natural weapons, including knees, shins and elbows.  Thai Kicks are not performed impractically high to train for a point tournament; they are delivered at all ranges, specifically to the legs.  Martial artists at any age can still perform the Thai kick, even with back problems that normally would prohibit martial arts training.

Again, if you are looking for a martial arts program, such as Karate or Tae Kwon Do and have never heard of Thai Boxing, come in for our two class trial program and see for yourself.  We have trained thousands of students over the past 15 years who started just like you.

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