krav maga woodbridge va

Krav Maga Woodbridge, VA

Krav Maga Woodbridge VA

Krav Maga Woodbridge VA: Unique Opportunity to Learn, Train and Ultimately Survive!

Tier One Krav Maga Woodbridge VA has arrived at the Trident Academy of Martial Arts.  Head Instructor and Founder of Trident Academy of Martial Arts, Pat Tray, has developed this program from over years spent in the military working with and teaching various special forces units from around the globe. The result of this training and the need for it to be available to the public, ultimately resulted in the decision to form Tier One Krav Maga, an Elite Self Defense System for the whole family.  Don't hesitate to enlist yourself, and members of your family in this unique offer here in Northern VA.  In only a few classes, you will have learned valuable life lessons towards surviving a hostile environment.

We have always strived to provide the highest level of training in the "Contact Combat" arts, like Krav Maga. More people have come to know Krav Maga as an effective, no-nonsense fighting style that comes from Israeli Special Forces.
At Trident, we have always taught the arts in a Combative way as only Pat Tray knows how... we've also incorporated the sport aspect into the training methods because of the ability to train harder and make realistic contact.

*Tuesday: 7:30 PM

*Thursday: 8:30 PM

*Saturday: 9:00 AM

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  1. JaroMarch 30, 2017

    How much do the classes cost per month..and are there contracts? Ex. Mma per month? Jkd per month? MT per month?

    1. Ben GilbertAugust 2, 2017

      We custom place you into a program specific to your needs, availability, and goals. We do offer contracts if you’d like to commit to those goals and for those students we offer the best rates. Most all of our packages are “All-access” passes that allow you to cross train in the other styles as your skill set progresses.

      Hope this answers your question!

      Ben Gilbert


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