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  1. AngieApril 4, 2016

    Do I need any prior martial arts experience (I dont have any) and how much are the classes for the Filipino Martial Arts classes

    1. Ben GilbertApril 6, 2016

      Hi Angie, you do not need any prior martial arts experience. The first two classes are apart of our trial program, and that’s $19.95. I’d like to see what your interests are after your first trial and we could look at which program matches up!

  2. LenniJuly 16, 2017

    Wanna sign up for my children 3 boys- twins are 10 years old and one is 7 years old to Bjj class but I couldn’t find the schedule for that class with Miss Becky.
    The question is : what S the schedule and how much for each ?

    1. Ben GilbertJuly 19, 2017

      Hi Lenni, I’m sending you an email now. You are on the adult schedule, we have a full kids schedule on another page.
      Thanks for your comment and interest in our academy!


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