Filipino Martial Arts in Northern VA

Weapons Training from the Philippines

Filipino Martial Arts represent a real challenge for those who want to take their martial arts to the next level through weapons training involving elegant and flowing movement.

Rooted in the unique history of the Philippines, where the locals faced constant external threats, Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) is a complex art yet simple to learn, that utilizes a variety of weapons training. It involves continuous flowing movement working with and against your training partner's strikes. The uninterrupted motion means that repetition of technique is maximized.

"I cannot express how much training in Filipino Martial Arts increased my confidence as I traveled through high-threat locations across the world."
Guro Patrick Tray

Benefits of Training with Weapons

In addition to being extremely fun, we challenge you to try this class to see for yourself just how much Filipino Martial Arts can benefit your overall mental health and development. Nothing stimulates and develops both sides of the brain to work together to accomplish defensive and counter techniques. Even if you're not interested in carrying a weapon, the truth is you're more likely to face one than not. Knowing how to use one is critical to learning how to survive against a blunt or bladed weapon.

More Filipino Martial Arts Videos/Media

Here's an Instagram clip from our old school to see Mr. Tray demonstrating how to manipulate edged weapons during FMA Class.
Knife Training Classes.


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