The Way of the Dead Space = 13 Second Knockout | Aldo vs McGregor

Interception or Jedi Mind Trick?

No doubt, the recent 13 second knockout of Jose Aldo by Conor McGregor will have everyone trying to figure out how he was able to do it. How do you knockout a champion like Jose Aldo with one punch? The answer, you hit him with something he'll never see.

Conor has been quoted as luring Aldo out into the "dead space" so he could capitalize on that. What is the dead space? That's what we are going to show you this week.

Bruce Lee was a master at the art of interception.

Erik Paulson, a student of Guro Dan Inosanto, thus a follower of the science of Bruce Lee, taught us many time the "Jedi Mind trick". You can bait your opponent if you know what you're doing, and once they fall for the trap, they are very vulnerable. Stay tuned. 


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  1. Jim ConklinDecember 14, 2015

    Mcgreggor was backing away from the cross and his left was on the way even before Aldo's right was coming back!

    1. Ben GilbertDecember 15, 2015

      Exactly Jim, his response was to the right hand feint of Aldo…good eye Sir.

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