Dillon Glover

Dillon Glover, Black Belt of the Striking Arts

Dillon is one of our most talented young instructors currently teaching and training for the ring here at Trident Academy of Martial Arts in Woodbridge. He currently is a Black Belt in Muay Thai and Master Trident / JTX programs under our founder and head instructor, Navy SEAL Pat Tray.

Black Belt Instructor for Lil’ Warriors (4-6 years) and Junior Trident Kids (7-12 years)

Dillon is one of the only students who joined Trident Academy as a kid and achieved a Junior Trident Black Belt in the art of Thai Boxing, and moved on to become a Black Belt as an adult in our Master Trident program. The Master Trident program incorporates not just Muay Thai / Kickboxing but also a blend of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do concepts and techniques from Jun Fan Gung Fu Kickboxing, an art that borrows from Savate and Western Boxing.

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