Erik Paulson’s Leg Lock Training Videos

Leg Lock Training Videos

Leg lock submission techniques,  as taught by Erik Paulson and many other great submission wrestling coaches, are a great way to enhance your training and submission grappling game.  These techniques give you many additional opportunities to submit your opponent in grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or Mixed Martial Arts competition.DC Metro CSW Erik Paulson

At Trident Academy of Martial Arts, a huge part of our Mixed Martial Arts program and curriculum was co-founded and developed by American Mixed Martial Artist and Grappling Expert, Sensei Erik Paulson. Mr. Paulson was the first American to win the Light-Heavyweight Shooto Title in Japan. His experience is unparalleled.  For more information about Erik Paulson, visit his website.

Northern VA Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) Schedule

If you are in Woodbridge, or anywhere in Northern VA and looking for this type of training, check out our schedule and set up a free class.

This post is going to compile a great reference for our students and other schools to check out all of Erik Paulson’s free videos online, found on Robert Burgee’s YouTube channel.

This Video clip and the DVD teaches you hand positions, leg positions, and set ups when attacking the achilles, going for the knee bar, and heel hook.

If you want to order the complete set or any one of these DVD’s check out Erik’s Online Store.

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Erik Paulson’s Killer Leg Locks Volume 1

Erik Paulson’s Killer Leg Locks Volume 2

Erik Paulson’s Killer Leg Locks Volume 3

More videos for Ankle locks and submissions by Erik Paulson


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