BJJ Solo Drills Online Collection

Top 5 BJJ Solo Drills

How do you train BJJ by yourself? Check out some of these online BJJ Videos for training solo, or by yourself.  I've just started a collection for our students to reference, and will also begin making our own videos on demand.  It's important that you watch a few of these videos, try them out for yourself (under expert supervision if at all possible) and see what you like and what you feel is better for reviewing and  remembering.  I can show you 100 drills but you may not understand how to even begin.  Ask questions and we will continue to update this page as needed.

CSW 19 Shadow Wrestling Drills by Ben Jones

Here's a great video from Combat Submission Wrestling Headquarters, home of Sensei Erik Paulson. Available on DVD or HD Download: Featured are 19 Shadow Wrestling Drills demonstrated by Ben Jones, the CSW Fight Team Captain.

Master Rigan Machado

Here's a basic clip from an older instructional video by Master Rigan Machado. This video shows you how to move your hips in the way which is traditionally called hip escape. Master Rigan here calls it "side escape."

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Basic Training Drills. Wolfpack, Charles Dos Anjos

More hip movement drills, delivered in an easy to learn format, with clear details.

Black Belt Jason Scully’s Animal Drills

Awesome workout and development drills for warm-up or training at home. Try as many of these as you can as fast as you can!

Jason Brown’s Top 5 BJJ Conditioning Drills

Learn how to move on your own or along with your kids on your back. Great ways to stay busy and loose while waiting to get back to the mat with your regular training partners. Shows a few kettlebell exercises as well.

Andre Galvao’s 360’s

World Champion Andre Galvao demonstrates his "360's" that he believes everybody should do before rolling.


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