BJJ | Three Arm Bar Escapes by Navy SEAL Pat Tray

BJJ | 3 Arm Bar Escapes by Navy SEAL Pat Tray

Three Arm Bar escapes by 2nd Degree Black Belt Pat Tray, former Navy SEAL and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner under Master Rigan Machado. The following escapes are defenses to the arm bar from the mounted position.
1. Utilizing your own lapel as a means to free up your other hand, you can change your angle and move the far leg down, allowing your hips to elevate up and over to a better position.
2. The second escape is executed when they attempt the arm bar with only one leg over.
3. The third escape is attempted when your opponent secures a much tighter position. Master Tray shows you how to set up the angle with dropping the elbow down into their hip, thus allowing you to at least hook their leg with your own. This escape follows up with an leg lock. Enjoy!


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