How to Hop into your Kick | Muay Thai Techniques

Understanding the Hop

Kru Mikey Custodio (Trident Martial Arts/TBA/Ajarn Chai) breaks down how to "hop" into your right kick. The switch step or hop kick, is used in many ways. Sometimes it can be used to bridge the gap between you and your opponent if they are too far away for a simple "step and kick". You can also use the hop step to seam two kicks together, such as the double right kick combination often seen in Muay Thai schools around the country. Learning how to hop is essential for Muay Thai, and it opens up doors for techniques such as the "superman punch", also featured in the video.


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  1. Ben GilbertDecember 4, 2015

    Developing a post and tutorial for this evening's class.

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