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Knockout Punch Set

About the Knockout Punch Set Up

Setting up the knockout punch set in Mixed Martial Arts or Muay Thai / Kickboxing takes a lot of practice.  Striving to become extremely proficient in the basic offense and defensive strategies is key to becoming a knockout artist.  In time, mastering the fundamentals of Muay Thai, Boxing and arts like Savate (all a part of our JTX Kickboxing program) you'll learn how the brain works and how the body moves and responds.  Besides, there's only so many things that can happen on a fundamental level. Learning the basics and combining the footwork and set ups at just the right time, will give you an edge to draw your opponent into a risky move, when you will then sieze the opportunity and score a huge blow!

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Andy Lee VS John Jackson

This is the second knockout shown in the video below. I definitely wasn't expecting that one. On the ropes, in trouble,..... John Jackson runs right into a strong tight right of Andy Lee and that's the end of it.

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The superman punch is easily learned once you can hop into your kicks. Hopping into your kicks is a way to bridge the gap and load your right kick while on the move. The footwork can also be used to load a straight solid right cross or a "jumping" flying punch as seen in many MMA and UFC highlight films.

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MMA Knockout Punch / Superman Style

Here's another look at the superman style knockout punch. You can see the fighter look at the leg, as if he was going to kick and then switch fast to the punch. Sweet.


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    Hey Trident Students, what do you think of this little write up from last week? In effort to help you review what was taught, and see it in action elswhere, like in boxing or UFC. Let's hear your feedback. What else would make this better?

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