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Filipino Martial Arts Training Video Recaps

FMA Training Woodbridge, Northern VA. Looking to see what was covered in our FMA classes? Guro Leonard Stevens stops to review the class for students who took it, and for those who might have missed it. This post is a great opportunity for not only Trident students living near Woodbridge and the surrounding Northern VA area to view parts of the class they may have missed, but we also get a chance to showcase the type of training you could expect to see if you've never trained the Filipino Martial Arts before. We have other videos on this website as well as clips of movement drills and flows that bring out the fluidity of the weapons arts, which make them even the more lethal when needed in a dangerous situation.

What is Filipino Martial Arts?

MAY 12 2014

In Video #1 Leonard shows a Villabrille 8 Count flow, the Mother Flow and the Kunsi Flow (submissions).

MAY 19 2014
Video #2

Leonard shows a quick review from video #1 and goes through a few ways to lock up the arms with a stick to generate a takedown. Once on the ground, from a reverse, knee facing position, he utilizes the stick once again to force the submission of his opponent. These techniques and options are from the Kunsi Series.

June 9 2014
Video #3

Guro Leonard demonstrates how the Kali can work on the ground from a standard guard position. Demonstrates how to trap the stick hand and strike to stick choke submission.

July 7, 2014

Review of July 7th FMA Class showing a horizontal gunting to a figure four lock takedown to a arm lock flow from side control ground position.


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  1. Opal HiltyMay 17, 2014

    Thanks for the video. Now I can remember the strikes!

  2. Ken ChunMay 22, 2014

    Excellent videos. It's great to see these things again.

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