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Knockout Punch Set

About the Knockout Punch Set Up Setting up the knockout punch set in Mixed Martial Arts or Muay Thai / Kickboxing takes a lot of practice.  Striving to become extremely proficient in the basic offense and defensive strategies is key to becoming a knockout artist.  In time, mastering the fundamentals of Muay...

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Interviewing the Students: What Makes This Dojo so Dope?

“You’ve got a herniated disc. You can’t do it.” “You’re too weak. You can’t do it.” “You can’t do it – so quit trying.” Anyone else get this sort’ve self-doubt internal talk? I sure did, before I tried out Trident for the first time. In fact, a lot’ve these awful, stress...

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Trident Martial Arts Blog

What’s New at Trident? Ajarn Chai Seminar Video from 2017 JTX Kickboxing Clips from Monday Night (9.17.2018) Get Tickets for Mohammad Ali’s MMA Fight Get your Afternoon BJJ Roll at Trident with Coach Mikey Guro Pat Kambiata Class | FMA Kombat Kali Triangle Choke | BJJ Techniques by Master Pat Tray...

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