Erik Paulson Seminar Review 2014

Great Success

What a way to end our first week at the brand new Trident Academy! Sensei Erik Paulson arrived from Orange County, California this past week to deliver top notch, cutting edge instruction in the realm of Mixed Martial Arts. Erik Paulson has been a long time friend of our founder and head instructor, Pat Tray, so many of our students felt right at home training with Erik, as he always creates the perfect training atmosphere for everyone on the mat.

Who’s Erik Paulson again?

Just a bit about him, in case you don’t know…Erik Paulson is a very successful MMA and Shooto fighter, now spends most of his time coaching, teaching and spreading his Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) and STX (Savate Thai Mix Kickboxing) all around the world. He has many fighters that he works with, including some well known names; Josh Barnett and Brock Lesnar, to name a couple.

Long time Relationship

Erik has been coming out to Northern VA for 15 years, and every year he delivers exceptional training. He is a long time favorite among the staff and senior students of Trident Academy. We were glad to see him. One of the greatest parts of the day was training alongside old friends friends and former training partners who have continued training and continue to pass on the wealth of knowledge that Erik imparts every time you meet him.

How to Learn more and Get Ranked!

Being associated with Erik Paulson comes with many benefits. He doesn’t hold anything back, he delivers as much material as you can handle, but also reviews it and ingrains so you won’t forget. You can find a lot of his fights and free training videos online at his website and on YouTube. He also sells his curriculum in DVDs that are easy to follow and well laid out with titles and terminology for review. And no matter how much you learn, he’s always got new material coming out from his research and development experience training with the greatest grapplers and MMA fighters in the world.

OK, so What happened on Saturday?

First of all, you should have been there! Next, you really should have been there, these seminars are martial arts life changers! But anyway, it was a great day of training new striking tactics, nifty take downs, sneaky grappling strategies and new “painful” submissions that are either a choke or a neck crank, it’s still undecided.

Thank you Erik and Tonya!

Erik and Tonya Paulson are true professionals and take care of their students and representative instructors. If you haven’t had a chance to join their association (Co-Founded by Guro Dan Inosanto), now’s the time to get started. It’s also a requirement for becoming ranked in CSW.

Thanks for all who attended, I’m sure you had as great a training day as we did. Special thanks again to Erik and Tonya Paulson for everything they’ve done to support and promote Pat Tray and Trident Academy of Martial Arts.

Check out our CSW and Grappling Schedule!
Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling is currently offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30PM til 8:30PM followed by live wrestling and coaching til 9:00PM.

Article by:
Program Manager and Full Instructor under Pat Tray
Trident Academy of Martial Arts
Woodbridge, VA 22193

Learn more about Erik Paulson and CSW

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    Great seminar. It was an absolute blast. Really good to see some old friends and train with them. The new school looks fantastic! Well done Trident Academy!

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