Interviewing the Students: What Makes This Dojo so Dope?

“You’ve got a herniated disc. You can’t do it.” “You’re too weak. You can’t do it.” “You can’t do it – so quit trying.” Anyone else get this sort’ve self-doubt internal talk? I sure did, before I tried out Trident for the first time. In fact, a lot’ve these awful, stress inducing thoughts held meContinue reading

bjj woodbridge va

Tapping Out Triggers ‘n Jitz: My BJJ Path continues…

“Okay, let’s go.”A BJJ Woodbridge VA Story Sounds like a benign phrase, doesn’t it? Like you’re about to walk your Pekinese. Or take a pleasant road trip. Harmless, really. Yeah, not on the floor of the dojo. Not when your sweet, tiny partner’s run off to change a band-aid and your 225 pound instructor, constructedContinue reading

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